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Pool Maintenance 


At The Pool Men, we believe a pool or spa should be in optimum condition so you know that every time you wish to use it, you will have a first class experience….We offer a range of service contracts as well as bespoke service arrangements to suit your every need as a pool or spa owner. We also take care of indoor swimming pools all year round, please call for a bespoke price.

Please see to the right for some of our most popular contract options. Bespoke or single service visits for pools or spas are available on request starting from ¬£45 + VAT. If you have a spa that you wish to have serviced alongside your pool, this can be provided for a small additional fee.

Please call 01189 099 166 to arrange a free consultation.  

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 What's included? 




                Vacuum the pool                                           

                Net debris from the surface

                Brush walls and floor

                Clean scum line

                Clean skimmer and pump baskets

                Backwash and rinse filter

                Clean autocleaner strainer/bag

                Water test and adjust chemicals

                Inspect equipment is in good working order

                Detailed service report per visit

               Phone: 01189 099 166


The Platinum service is for you if you want to leave the chemical balancing, cleaning and general maintenance to the professionals, giving you peace of mind that your pool will be safe and ready whenever you want to use it.



The Gold service provides you with the reassurance that your pool will receive the attention it needs,whilst allowing you to perform some basic maintenance yourself


This package is for the hands on customer who still wants peace of mind that all is well with their pool water and equipment. Day to day upkeep is conducted by you, but a monthly service by The Pool Men gives you the reassurance that your pool is being properly maintained


NB: All packages include one visit each for Spring commission and Winterisation. If a second visit is required due to poor water quality, this will be charged at our hourly rate

 Spring Commission                              Winterisation

Remove, clean and dry winter cover       Clean, remove and store solar                                                                cover

Commission and test plant room            Remove and store automatic equipment                                            cleaner

Reset time clock                                  Comprehensive water test

Chlorine wash coping stones                 Vacuum the pool

Vacuum and net the pool                       Add Winter chemicals

Clean scum line with chemical               Check and adjust the frost stat

cleaner                                                Set time clock

Clean automatic cover and check          Isolate pump supply

workings                                              Drain plant

Comprehensive water test                     Bypass heaters 

Add Spring commission chemicals        Drain plant equipment

Refit solar cover and roller                    Fit Winter debris/automatic cover

Set up automatic cleaner                        Test automatic cover

Commission and test pool heating